“Working with Chrissy was a pleasure. Feedback from our Elevate Admins participants was highly positive and reflected Chrissy’s understanding of the Executive Admin role and its importance to organizational success. Chrissy meets both the Execs and the Admins where they are and helps them make progress in their journey together. This program was an important investment for our Agency. Chrissy’s program is unique and I’m so glad we found it!”

Tara Duncan, Manager of Professional and Organizational Development
Arizona Game and Fish Department, 2017

“Chrissy recently took our EA crew through a day of Managing Up training.  It was hands down one of the best training days EVER and the team immediately started putting their learnings to work.  One EA in particular, revamped her entire approach to managing her manager and was able to make instant headway where she previously felt like she was up against a concrete wall!  Other EAs have also taken a new approach as a result of their training, and are reworking their approaches to working with their managers to be instantly more effective and efficient. Huge results in the short two weeks post our learning and these results will permeate and improve our operations tremendously in the long run.  Chrissy did an amazing job delivering the concepts at an easy to follow, easy to follow “up” level and we are forever in her debt!”

J, Sr Director
GoDaddy, 2017 

“Chrissy has a wonderful, warm, and highly respectful way of helping people with what they need most. She gets right away what the issue is and knows just how to provide assistance to help you help yourself. She has provided me with great tools that I’m actively using, and getting return on. You won’t regret using her services!”

C. Downing, Alabama, Northrop Grumman, 2011

“Chrissy brought clarity and focus to a lot of the things about being an EA that I’ve experienced over many years, things I may have known about in a nebulous way but never really put into a solid thought. And the fact that she’s been there and knows the ins and outs of the job makes her uniquely qualified…She’s given me a boost of confidence!”

Executive Assistant, ELEVATE Participant 2010

“I was thrilled when Chrissy was hired by my company to be at our 2012 Administrative Summit. Chrissy received rave reviews as someone that kept your attention, gave practical ideas to put to use right away and someone that you could “relate to.” Thank you, Chrissy, for your outstanding work for Administrative Assistants and the Administrative Career.”

Nancy Neuser, Sr. Administrative Professional at Schenck
ELEVATE Admins Participant, 2012

“Without a doubt, Chrissy is an outstanding career coach. We hired her at PPS to coach and guide my Executive Assistant and she delivered – and then some. I knew after the first conversation that she was going to deliver. She is on-point, focused and strategic. Needless to say, we are going to continue to use her so that we can continue reaping the benefits in the way of productivity and growth!”

Anthony Capullo, CEO Professional Provider Services, Inc.
Coaching client, 2013